Psychotic mishaps

Flipped up and down like a rag doll in a dog pound with more deceiving ways than a dogs frown this is the adventure of meaning starring “who” and “now” ,but the story will be short so you will need some rounds just so you can feel everything and to be aroused do you feel […]

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Choking on Karma

You did it to yourself might be the greatest line I ever felt with so much going on your soul could just melt, who’s right or wrong now looks like a call for help but where’s all this pain you felt? I’m starting to think we can look all your information on yelp and see […]

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Shattered and battered yet well put together like a warm sweater could this be the beginning of bad weather? Or is it me wanting something that just feels better? Just something that can be titled as “It Gets Better”, so much more that I can put together all the pain that made me better when […]

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Spiritually Touched

Ever had a dream that was really your reality? Just going day by day reminiscing if God left you to be a casualtie? This is the lifestyle that’s been provoking me since I awaken into this parade of blasphemy with never ending loopholes that reintroduce myself to the past me I can start to feel […]

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Dejue Vu’s and Daydreams

They say your body is a temple a relection of something so simple and your mind is an enigma that’s vast like the universe yet it’s so difficult with so many complex loopholes one could sink in like a black hole, but don’t be scared by the information that’s absorbed because nothing is truly lost […]

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Shades Of Hope

Banished and forgotten feeling like an endangered species being sold for profit, but within this dark cage lies hope for better days with less sadidy ways your mind might get blown away, but let’s put away all the evil and transform our minds to become equals with less beef and sequels we might actually be […]

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