Overdosing reality 

Taking shots of forever while sailing down a toxic sea into your liver it almost feels like home once the ingredients reach your dome. Faint sounds in the distance singing melodies of right and wrong, your drunk now off of your favorite song. It took you a moment to count up all your wrongs, but […]

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A Fiends Dream 

    Everyday I feel the same pain beating  through my chest and not once have I ever  thought to resist, as if I’m a sadistic freak  craving more within the bed sheets, but  this is more than just a sick dream it’s a  story with a melody that’s just missing its  remdy. I’m sorry […]

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Selfish Desires 

I used to want only a piece of this world till  I saw a piece in the underworld more  favors for the ones who aren’t good  neighbors. All across the world many pure  hearts are stuck with wicked labors that  are built to shake the wills of our nature.  Greed is one thing that has […]

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Dark nights filled with flashing lights, so  many people are around you would think  it’s a fight, but just open your mind and  take in the delight because theirs so many  things in motion it makes no sense to ruin  your night, as you begin to realize this is  one hell of a night pour […]

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Sugarcoated Dreams

Crying out loud to the heavens, but no  Angel is here to accept it if only the world  knew how much I really connected to  everything around that isn’t infested, but  so much time goes into my mentality and  aura that only moves if I let it so I take two  big breathes from the […]

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Star Dust 

Between you and me lies a whole  world bigger than the deep blue sea  with your passion splashing against  my feet I feel nothing, but joy  everytime my heart beats. There’s  more that meets the eye when it  comes to you and me it’s something  so special even the earth tried to  speak , but […]

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Faint Light

Cold winter nights while staring into  the moon as if it’s a sweet edible  delight my mind surfing through the  stars just ignoring all scientific law’s​ , I’m a day dreamer trying to turn my  dreams into truth seekers, but the lies  and truths of the people keeps me at  a distant from what’s truly […]

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